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A.E. Eiben and J.E. Smith, Introduction to Evolutionary Computing,
Springer, 2003, ISBN 3-540-40184-9
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        Evolutionary Computing is the collective name for a range of problem-solving techniques based on principles of biological evolution, such as natural selection and genetic inheritance.  These techniques are being increasingly widely applied to a variety of problems, ranging from practical applications in industry and commerce to leading-edge scientific research.
       This book presents the first complete overview of this exciting field aimed directly at lecturers and graduate and undergraduate students. 
       This book is also meant for those who wish to apply evolutionary computing to a particular problem or within a given application area. To this group the book is valuable because it presents EC as something to be used rather than just studied. 
        Last, but not least, this book contains quick-reference information on the current state-of-the-art in a wide range of related topics, so it is of interest not just to evolutionary computing specialists but to researchers working in other fields.

Table of contents of the book
Sample chapter What is an Evolutionary Algorithm?
Outlines of an EC course
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